Scott Thompson

Director of Corporate Accounts

Scott Educational Background: Associates Degree, Business, University of Phoenix; 2 Years vocational training in Performing Arts, The Sanford Meisner Acting Technique.

Professional Background:

For many years before joining the GMC team I worked with an environmental remediation company. During my time with the company I had done multiple research projects with Universities in the United States and abroad, including Purdue University and UCR. I helped to discover new ways to use a product that consists of many different bacteria to help combat some of the problems that plague numerous environments. From mosquito abatement, to purifying water, removing Sulphur from sludge, ammonia from fish farms and multiple other aspects.

At one time I helped to start an outdoor education program for students in 6th-8th grades. It was a science-based camp and we would teach students for 5 days about many different aspects of their respective curriculum, but in a hands-on outdoor setting.

From a pilot program, I helped gain and maintain a 100% retention rate that increased to over 20 separate schools in a season. As the Assistant Director I wrote all the curriculum needed to ensure our program received accreditation from the California based Accrediting Commission for Schools. Hired and lead a staff of 40 or more, while also helping to maintain our 2,200 acres of property. I do hope to one day start another program with a new area and curriculum, as the work was overwhelmingly rewarding and a huge benefit to the children.