Meet our Team

With more than 30 years Healthcare experience in the clinical engineering and software technology,
the founders have discovered positive methods to improve the quality of medical device cables without increased pricing.

Global Med Cables, Inc. (GMC) Launches in 2019.

GMC is a  boutique corporation, located in San Bernardino, California. We provide the fundamental requirements of all global healthcare solutions; cables and sensors. Our team shares over 30 years of healthcare career experiences from Surgeons, Clinical Nurse Practitioners, Healthcare IT Executives, and Biomedical Engineers.

We work exclusively with purchasing entities such as; Hospitals, IDN’s, Surgery Centers, Outpatient and long-term care facilities, including Clinical Technology Management companies. The commitment to our customers is to deliver the highest quality OEM, ISO and FDA Certified compatible lead wire products and accessories below market price.

GMC’s online shopping network for contracted clients only, extends to its members free support with our Client Liaison Representatives (CLR).  Our healthcare experts will help optimize revenue performance with customized par level portfolio solutions to meet your specific client requirements. Advanced procurement analytics are offered with significant saving packages and 360º monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Global Med Cables delivers more than cables and sensors; we deliver standards of excellence, discipline of medical industry fundamentals and the drive to move the healthcare industry forward. As we implement new innovative technology which is helping change the way we do business in our industry, we can afford you the freedom to focus on maximizing productivity and tend to what is most important- patient care. Let us do the rest!

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NEW Consultant Services: IT Cyber Security, OpenSky EMR Applications, and Customized BLE Solutions to meet customer business requirements. Call us at 1-888-800-6825 to schedule an appointment.


“We are dedicated to patient safety as we help lower the cost of Healthcare one cable at a time.”

~Byron Webster


History of Beginning

Global Med Cables offers cost efficiency and fast delivery for medical device cables to hospitals systems and medical facilities around the world. The company started as an idea that two medical industry experts had to offer lower prices on consumables and accessories for medical devices.

“People are at the heart of what we do,” said Byron Webster, CEO of Global Med Cables. “The highest quality cables are one critical piece to saving patients lives.”


Our Vision

GMC specializes in OEM cable replacements for medical devices. “Our manufacturing plant operates with the highest quality management system adhering to the ISO 13485 standards, our products are CFDA, CE, FDA, JPAL, and Canada certified” said Byron Webster, CEO of Global Med Cables.

What is the difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 13485?  ISO 9001 vs. ISO 13485. ISO 13485 is the international standard requirements for a quality management system for medical devices. One major distinction of ISO 13485 is that it is intended to also be requirements for regulatory purposes as well as non-statutory requirements for a quality management system. So, tell us what you need and we will deliver.


What We Do

GMC online website has been developed to be your Encyclopedia of cables and sensors. Our development process is data-informed and user-driven. For every product launched, we gather metrics about its usage, interaction, and growth in addition to listening to the masses of feedback we get from our clients, partners and through support channels. This helps us navigate decisions about new products, features and enhancements as it allows you to have evidence-based decision making.

What can we do for you ?

“Our clients are valued customers. We must preserve tradition when it comes to the type of customer service provided. The integrity of our brand depends on it.”

~Byron Webster

General turnaround time for services performed is 3-7 business days upon receipt of a valid Customer Purchase Order number. Shipping costs are included in the cost of goods. Global Med Cables is not responsible for “Force Majeure” clauses, relate to events outside human control, like flash floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters that may prevent shipment on time services.

“People are at the heart of what we do,” said Byron Webster, CEO of Global Med Cables. “The highest quality cables are one critical piece to saving patients lives.”